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Music is art too. I also use the Acorn Electron to create sounds that I sample into the PC to create tunez in one of the trackers like MilkyTracker and I use programs like Project YMer to create Atari ST music.


As I churn stuff out, I will post it up here; please download at will and share about as you see fit <3



ONE: Listen on the Soundcloud player here (scroll for tracks), or ----> EP1: Echoes from Cyberspace zipped MP3 download





Everything I create will always be free and in the Public Domain; nothing will change that. Sometimes life can be a struggle and it would mean so much if you would consider buying me a coffee which would help me with equipment costs, web hosting and art supplies. I know it's the popular thing for creators to ask at the moment, but I cannot tell you what a difference it makes to the artist. I'm so sorry that I have to ask <3


TWO: Listen on the Soundcloud player here , or                               ---->           Public Domain Revisited    zipped MP3 download



**** Click here to go to the archive of poetry that I have received from Phoenix420 ****