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Welcome to this solidarity archive
of art and tunez for the Public Domain,

in memory of Serena Shim

always remember Serena Shim

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Serena Shim

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Lauri Love

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w@kE UP open UR eeeyyyeeessssss!!!!!!!

Serena Shim

Free Anons Peoples Radio United Lauri Love Antifascist
Wake Up! Tunez

/|\ click here for ATARI ST floppy disk public domain /|\

"..sharing isn't immoral - it's a moral imperative."

(from 'Guerilla Open Access Manifesto', Aaron Swartz)

Most things in this site have been created on vintage computers: the Acorn Electron, Acorn BBC Master 128, Commodore 64, ZX81 and Atari STe. Some pix have been drawn on a modern PC with a Wacom pen and the tunes are mostly made up of sounds sampled from the vintage machines then mixed on the PC.


Public Domain
- an absolute belief that these various forms of art can be created by the people for the people, to help further the cause and spread truth. Inspired by the demoscene 8-bit and 16-bit Public Domain of the 80s and 90s, most of this art is created using puters from that era.
#PublicDomainSolidarity aims to gather together a directory of public domain (or otherwise free) resources available to comrades; please click the skull to the left to go to the page.

No small print - Requests for art gladly accepted but whenever you use the art please remember that it is public domain so you can use, distribute, alter, do whatever you want without needing to credit me at all as the original artist.

The music on this site is all public domain and classified as BINARYWAVE. (cos it's made on puters)

The free PUBLIC_DOMAIN zine landed in hardcopy and PDF, ISSUE 1.01, AUG 2019!
Click the image above for infos and availability!

Power to the People!

Be Sassy - Why does this site exist? This site is here because the internet is becoming a place of copyrights, corporations and greed. People need resource sites that support their causes and I hope that this will be counted amongst them.

Why artivism? The time to act is now; the New World Order is upon us and the people must wake up! Change is coming ;-)

What inspired it? The tragic death of Aaron Swartz and the threat of extradition against Lauri Love. The need to free Jeremy Hammond. I discovered Peoples Radio United and felt I needed to contribute to the world..

..but most importantly I was shocked by the murder of truth-seeker Serena Shim and was determined that her name never be forgotten.

- Please help spread the word about this resource site;
take any pictures you need without credit.

This is a signalboost gif that you can use too, if you like!

the Acorn Electron
                  home computer

10 REM Solidarity: of the earth, not rule the earth
20 FOR n=1 TO 1000
30 PRINT "decentralise"
40 NEXT n
50 END

AcornElectron, 2019

email requests, feedback and general hello's! (all gratefully received) to: acornelectron (at) artbesassy (dot) com

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